The Monarch Hotel, an indie duo from Portland approached me to create the cover design for their 2020 single, "London" and its follow-up single, "Portland" in 2021.

I was guided by some phrases and tones that the band felt were representative of the song such as, "separate but together," "walking alone," and "thinking in one's safe space." These visualizations along with the songs lyrics inspired me to think about different scenarios and settings that were up for interpretation. Listeners are invited to add their own stories to these four scenes—​​​​​​​ in the same way a piece of music is subjective and evokes different meanings and feelings for each listener.
Creative Direction, Illustration

The illustrations applied as teasers on the band's social media prior to the single's release.
After the release of "London," the band reached out to me again to work on the art for their next single. We wanted to create an implied sense of continuity to the visual narrative while making sure each song still had its own identity and story.

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